Monday, February 4, 2013

30 Rock

Have I told you how much I love Parks and Recreation? I’m crazy about Parks and Recreation, I love it so much, and Friday is my favorite day and time of the week because it’s when I watch Parks and Recreation…and 30 Rock, from now on, used to watch 30 Rock. I just couldn’t/can’t get enough of it…oh and Amy Poehler will be writing a book, coming out in 2014. WHAT??? I want it now! But anyway, where was I? Ah, Friday, what I really wanted to say is that this past Friday wasn’t about Parks, this past Friday was about 30 Rock - the one before Parks! And as an admirer of the show and like everyone else who admires this show, I have to make my short statement about the last moments: my cheeks were sore of so much giggle. It was a sad and very happy moment. Like Parks, 30 Rock always made me laugh, always, no matter if I was depressed, pissed off, annoyed, sleepy or ignorant! I really really had a great time watching 30 Rock. I loved Liz Lemon (making lemons) through the years. I loved every crazy statement because they were most of the time significant, weird and crazy, even though I have to say I didn’t understood them all, they surely always had a meaning. And I hope I learned a lot about comedy too! I’m sure I did. I’m looking forward to what comes next from Tina Fey because she’s simply awesome and smart and NERD!

P.S: I went out of breath when Jenna started to sing the Rural Juror song, I giggled so hard…

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