Sunday, February 24, 2013

Emptiness at the end of the road

Oscars 2013
I started the season mentioning the promising political side that could make an important position throughout the months. I really had no idea how political it would turn out to be. Despite the fact that each year, everything is always political, I think this year in particular was especially political, too harshly political in various levels. I also said it was a year for the American history, and again, more than the usual American culture presence each year, this was surely a special year for that. Slavery, Presidents, cults, true facts, all involved in the mix.
It comes to these last few days before the big night and I feel completely nothing. It’s Sunday and only now I’m pushing my energy up about it. I confess that when the hour comes I will certainty get excited, I always end up at least a bit curious about the all thing. It’s an uncontrollable situation and feeling, it’s part of a tradition, no matter how phony it sounds the all thing at the end of the show. It’s, again, irresistible on my part and on many others, I guess. No matter how bad we feel about it, how raged or whatever, we still see it and have hopes about it. I do.

 So here it goes, my NO GUTS NO GLORY predictions!

I say for Best Actress in a Leading Role – Emmanuelle Riva wins over Jennifer Lawrence.

I say Silver Linings Playbook comes out of the ceremony empty.

For Best Original Screenplay I say Mark Boal for Zero Dark Thirty – probably the only Oscar it will get. Maybe two for a tech win.

Best Editing – William Goldenberg for Argo or William Goldenberg for Zero Dark Thirty.


I say for Best Original Score BEASTS OF THE SOUTH…Oh wait, there weren’t nominated!

Best Actor – “Oh God, how could Joaquin Phoenix not have won that Oscar???” – will the reaction a few years after this ceremony. Then they will say, right, Daniel Day Lewis was there that year. If they hadn’t give him the Oscar their credibility would be down the charts?!

I’m looking forward to see Adele, not only sing but her accepting speech!!

I dreamed a while ago Anne Hathaway would lose the Oscar to Sally Field – not that it will happen, but I actually felt bad about Anne Hathaway’s dreamful lose, sad for her.

Anna Karenina wins an Oscar – Best Costume Design, which I’ll be glad to see Anna Karenina be recognized at something, also, a chance to look at Keira Knightley...

I’m curious about who will win the Best Documentary Feature – if I were to win some bucks I would choose Searching for Sugar Man, the most likely winner, but I still don’t know which one I would vote, for sure. I really admire them all, except the one I didn’t see!

I’m definitely curious about who will win the Oscar for Best Picture of the year. These Oscars seem unpredictable, at more categories than the usual, that’s why it sounds ‘unpredictable’, but at the same time it really isn’t. We all know deep down Argo will win. But anyway, let’s see how it goes.

So these Oscars will be more like a musical, right?
I'm not looking forward to...well, the host. Sorry dude. I don't think he'll be very present anyway. There are so many people singing in this show, I don't know how much time the winners will have to, well, have their time. Probably ten seconds at this point.

Let's look at some of the 'unseen' actors with more than one film at the Oscars:

John Hawkes did almost the unlikely, go agains't the other actor he performed with - The Sessions and Lincoln.

Alicia Vikander - Anna Karenina, A Royal Affair. It was her year.

Jemery Strong - Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. Same character in both?! I'm kidding.

John Goodman - Argo, Flight (and Trouble with the Curve). Awesome in both!

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