Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adele and Catherine will make a film together

I died. I’m dead. I went to heaven.

Adèle Haenel will work with Catherine Deneuve in the new film by André Téchine.
Thank you André Téchine, thank you, you just put together my french lovers in the same film, playing the mother-daughter relationship. They're just my favorite actresses of all time. 
And guess who will also join these two Goddesses? Guillaume Canet!

The film will take the true story of the disappearance of Agnes Le Roux, a 29 year old millionaire, in Nice, 1977. Catherine Deneuve will play her mother, Renée, with whom she had a difficult relationship and Guillaume Canet, will play the lawyer and lover of Agnes, Maurice Agnelet, the first suspect. Adèle Haenel will play Agnes Le Roux, the girl who was never found. 
This famous mysterious case made news until very recently. Directed by Téchine, he will co-write the film with Cédric Anger.
The shoot will take place in the first semester of this year.

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