Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stills from The Girl

 And also one from Abbie: according to her facebook page she will be uploading short videos of the footage she filmed through her time on the set of this film. Always so passionate Abbie.

THE GIRL ~ Through my Eyes. 

During the filming of THE GIRL in Mexico I filmed a little documentary of my own... The making of through my eyes. I am currently working with editor Ryan Suffern creating three short episodes from all of the footage I shot whilst in Mexico and Texas. It's been an adventure looking at hours and hours of footage that encapsulate the rehearsals, filming and experience we all had there in 2011. The three episodes will be around three minutes in length and we will be sharing them with you very soon.

THE GIRL will be released here in the states on March 8th. Can't wait to share my behind the scenes with you too.

Xx Abbie

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