Sunday, February 3, 2013

My P.O.V

Sometimes I get this 'tunnel vision'...

Tom Hooper is a British talent, working his way with Epic proportions. Ben Affleck, a promising American filmmaker, comes with Argo with a definite knowledge of what he wanted to do and succeeding in the meantime. Steven Spielberg, an American treasure working through the years relentlessly, keeps bringing stories to the screen that sometimes translates important history. Ang Lee defies himself in every possible way he finds, in every possible opportunity he gets; this time he defies the balance between image and storytelling. Kathryn Bigelow with her second feature about the recent American war on terror keeps struggling fearlessly through the realms of the truth, to the representation of today’s struggles in the American society.
These are some of this year’s directorial achievements in the film or Hollywood film community. I could go on and mention European filmmaker Michael Heneke with his strong, eloquent authorship, Benh Zeitlin with his willingness and eagerness achieves so much with so little that tranlated in an Oscar nomination for both. So we can say these are all invaluable contributors to films, they promote quality, even if it might be on distinct levels, emphasis on distinct.
Kathryn Bigelow is an invaluable filmmaker, with her fearless willing, like the others I also mentioned. And like the others I mentioned, they’re exceptional, like she’s exceptional, she’s among them. I won’t be talking about sexism and every other extreme demeaning orders of society, she’s among them and this is my entire point. It should be nothing else but this.

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