Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Congratulations guys, you made it...

What have I got myself into?
The bullshit that goes on goes beyond by depths of receiving bullshit! This has been the worst idea ever, getting into the world of Oscars, getting into the Oscar season. I have to stop this at once. It’s insane, it’s just insane. I want to care about films, and that’s all. The fact that history doesn’t matter, the fact that people say whatever they want about anything, from former presidents of the United States, to relationships between filmmakers, to investigations in Washington, and that actually makes a difference it just goes behind me, and all to get a name in a naked man? The fact that if someone with a name, even in the comments section, says something like, one of the reasons why Emmanuelle Riva might not win the Oscar is whether or not the voters are up to listen another French speech in a row – that’s actually me making up, because it seems that everything is countable, literally, that’s the problem – and if people care and accept this, it’s crazy. So I really have to stop caring, it will drive me crazy. If I'm doing this, I'm listening and caring and I can't! All of this to see someone win next week and then be completely – whatever? That’s it. It’s too political, it’s a lot of bullshit put together. I want to go back to when I cared, got excited and would be really happy, felting ‘justice’ because Marion Cotillard had won the Oscar! It was oh so different. You would felt the bullshit, but really, today the bullshit takes a whole new freshness, a whole new reality, so here it goes: you know what? Oscars fuck yourself!
And now I feel like watching Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln straight up…love it!

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