Saturday, July 13, 2013

Different Responses...

This is really funny! Thanks to the creators!
I eventually talked to my friend about this show that I watched the entire season in one day...that kind of show, at least to me,  that I couldn't stop watching. She texted me yesterday saying: "Saw the first episode of Orphan Black and it didn't captivated me at all...not to be agin but I really didn't like it." My response: "LOOOOL."
Cosima would say "Dude, that's complex."
I love it. I love this kind of different responses to one thing. I don't think I was that captivated too but I kept watching and I think it was an absolutely great choice. I must have liked it to kept watching, that's for sure. But if she didn't liked the first one I think it will be really hard to convince her to keep watching. I will try though.
On my side, I'm looking forward to watch the first season all over again.
Have a good day.

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