Monday, July 1, 2013


Look who's birthday today too.
Léa will be in a film with Catherine Deneuve.........
Excusez moi, I'm back, I fainted when I imagined them acting in the same scene, in the same frame shot.

Blue is out of the Oscar picture and my first thoughts were these - cool.
The visibility can be a great thing, oh no doubt, a wide new range of people would watch it, discuss it, maybe consider their point of views on different things; the name and the story would  be on TV shows, programs, the popular audience would be hearing the words 'Gay love' a lot...but then there's another part of me that feels good about the film not going through the Oscar season, which I'm sure it will definitely be a huge contender next year, if they can keep the hype, if not the hype blows huge proportions this year alone. And I also don't know if the 'Oscar Season' picks it up anyway, since it will premiere by the end of the year in the US, I guess this is up to the distributors of the film.
It's definitely a good bad thing, but even if I'm finding a hard time to admit it, probably towards the bad thing.  But then maybe not! Ok, it is not good, this is obvious.
Common, think of Rust and Bone, the quality and uniqueness of this film? Didn't even got elected by France. And if it was it couldn't even be recognized with a nomination. Ok, I guess I'm getting off the rail here so I will stop now.
Again, there's always next year. Probably not. Finally - who cares?!

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