Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tatiana Maslany

Wouldn’t it be absolutely cool, if Tatiana Maslany would win an Emmy? But the real question is her nomination. It’s what lots of people are talking about and the expectations are high. I will be really happy if she gets a nomination. I will not be surprised if she doesn’t! Amy Poehler never won an Emmy for her work in Parks, Nick Offerman was never nominated, the same with Jennifer Carpenter with Dexter. Ah, Jennifer Carpenter and Debra Morgan.

Tatiana Maslany is the girl of the moment, yes, but it is never enough to advocate for this girl. I mean, Orphan Black has been in my mind for a couple of weeks now, ever since I saw it that I keep thinking about it and I keep thinking about Tatiana, because she’s the show. I mean, literally, if you know Orphan Black you get it but if you don’t I can explain quickly that she’s in the screen ninety percent of the time. She plays at least five characters so think of how much this girl has worked.

Orphan Black gives Tatiana Maslany some of the versatility that an actress probably searches and achieves every five years if she’s lucky. If you think of roles for women as mainly the girlfriend, wife, lover, sister, then there are some others who aren’t any of the above or are more than that, but of course there are great ‘wife’ roles, like The Good Wife, with a great narrative and a great role. Julianna Mergulies is great. Sometimes the wife, the lover are good roles, but you know, we want more, more of everything. So Orphan Black gives a bit of a wider range to Tatiana but also to us. She plays a wife, someone who just wants to take care of her family, educate her children and be who she is. She’s also someone who learns a deal or two about reliability and how to demand respect from others, ultimately to value herself. She plays a scientist who works relentlessly trying to figure it out her science but who at the end of the day doesn’t want to be just a nerd monkey but she wants to be connected with someone, she wants to be taken by that too. There’s also an ex-girlfriend so to speak, but she comes as a mystery at first, maybe she was just an outcast with no directions but then she comes and develops this great sobriety and independency, we just want to trust her. She’s also a fragmented human being, someone who suffered a structured and centered universe and suddenly she’s confronted with a different reality so she was way beyond being an outcast. So imagine all these different perspectives, now think of each one and their complexities. Tatiana Maslany is perfect here. It’s impressive to look at her because she works to the details. Of course everything around her helps, beginning with the writing, then the characterization work, which it is to the detail too. You see the scientist, her cool attitude, her hippie cool vibes and her specific looks, the way she talks, her hands’ movements. Each character has its mannerisms that helps bring verisimilitude that is so important to the consistency of the narrative, of the show. Bottom line, it’s a treat; it’s an absolute amazement to look at her. She fulfills you. Thank god for Tatiana Maslany and the creators of Orphan Black.

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