Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sarah Manning and Others

"Just one. I'm a few. No family too. Who I am?"

How the hell was I suppose to stop?
It’s extremely hard to stop watching Orphan Black. It is so thrilling. Then you have this actress that just blows you away. Seriously, where did she come from? Well, she could foul me all she wanted. Call me stupid, but I even thought she was British. It isn’t just because she plays fifteen different roles, it’s because she plays them really well, always so consistent and more importantly, so believable and this is undeniably crucial to the essence of Orphan Black. Part of what makes this show so exciting comes from her.
Sarah Manning is the original, the British speaking, and the outlaw. She’s the lost one but as their world evolves it seems the contrary as she becomes more and more focused with her goals. But she’s also the uptight soccer mom, she’s also hysterical, making you laugh pretty often but also showing her most fragile self. She’s the cool, the smart student. She’s also incredibly hot. She’s a psychotic delusional, lost in an empty world. She’s also frightening. She’ll scare the shit out of you. Orphan Black is all of this and more. One just hopes they keep this momentum, the exciting pace, they follow the lines they begin with, without big love interests coming to break the rhythm (unless they keep the theme as the main focus and or the love interest is well written), etc etc. Yes, that moment when Paul and Sarah hooked up without pretending I feared a bit.

This show is so thrilling, it asks for your full attention at all times. Even I lost track for a moment, ‘Wasn’t she supposed to have her British accent? Oh no of course not, she’s still Elizabeth Childs to him.’ So you have to be focused and at the same time there are all these different lines of questioning in your head. The ones you’re trying to decide your own position and who do you believe are the good and the bad and their positions, when the good is in fact the bad outside because he’s the one trying to make an end to all this mess, to something that should never been done in the first place, but he’s still has to be the bad one because he’s trying to kill innocent people. Orphan Black is this entertaining, a perfect antidote for someone who doesn’t want to think of anything else really, who wants to be completely focused in one thing only, it’s really really cool.

"Dude that's complex"

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