Monday, July 29, 2013

Emmy Related

Well, I can’t do this anymore. I know it has been a while, a few days, but I think I still am in time to talk about the Emmys. The silent treatment is over. I have to say from the start that I’m not in any case close of being an expert on Emmys. Quite the contrary. My history with television, or just series, is a recent one. But stories are stories. And I’m always up for something entertaining.

Ok, now I guess I will just randomly shout my thoughts as they come.

Looking at the supporting actress in drama series, looking for that name…ah! There it is!! Emilia Clarke was nominated for an Emmy! She did it, she made it.
Later: obvious nomination. I would describe this nomination, besides predictable, really childish. Of course, this nomination is literally to the writer’s credits, and those famous 12 minutes of absolute awesome human empowering, perhaps of awesome feminism. I accept this nomination for this. But to no one’s surprise, Michelle Fairley should have got a nomination too. The same goes for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for a supporting nom.

Let’s talk supporting then…how about JENNIFER CARPENTER????
Isn’t she famous enough for you Emmys??? No?? JENNIFER CARPENTER, HAVE YOU HEARD?
This is the mother fucking fraud of the decade.

Bottom line is, I get this, these awards are as ridiculous and as bullshit and political as any other. I am thinking about all the shows that aren’t even considered…

So now let’s talk about Orphan Black or comedies like Raising Hope.
Tatiana Maslany should have ruled the shit out of this Best Actress Drama category. The dreamy idea of watching her Best Actress Nomination’s Montage is gone.
Did I already mentioned Jennifer Carpenter?? Oh I did.
Michael C. Hall was left out, expected – it always feels bad because the show is great and Michael’s body language but especially his face and the emotions he exhales are always perfect.

Talking about perfect – Parks and Recreation.
I will just nominate them in my own head. Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe. With Nick Offerman inevitably winning the award. Not only he’s been incredible through the years, but he keeps bringing quality to the character as he naturally gets old and as he faces new challenges in his life, not only his ex wives. He brings incredible depth to this man, he brings a level of understanding that makes Ron Swanson a unique soul. His face has always been a big part of the show but this fifth season has been exceptional. From that moment he meets a woman named Diane, the vulnerability in his eyes, the beginning of something new and uncomfortable. Then he keeps being who he is, always. It’s precious. Nick Offerman is a precious treasure.

And now I will use Paul Auster’s words from The Book of Ilusions:
Think of Hector as one Ron Swanson.
“Before the body, there is the face, and before the face there is the thin black line between Hector’s nose and upper lip. A twitching filament of anxieties, a metaphysical jump rope, a dancing thread of discombobulation, the mustache is a seismograph of Hector’s inner states, and not only does it make you laugh, it tells you what Hector is thinking, actuality allows you into the machinery of his thoughts. Other elements are involved – the eyes, the mouth, the finely calibrated lurches and stumbles – but the mustache is the instrument of communication, and even though it speaks a language without words, its wriggles and flutters are as clear and comprehensible as a message tapped out in Morse code.”
And on he goes describing the ins and outs of something as transcendent as a thing moving on its own, like a small animal with an independent consciousness and will.

You know what’s a treasure? PARKS AND RECREATION.
I know why Parks isn’t nominated for an Emmy. It isn’t mainstream enough. That’s got to be one of the biggest reasons. People don’t talk about it enough in the mainstream. Right? Because why on earth wouldn’t Parks be nominated for…anything?

I thought Raising Hope had a great start this season. Obviously Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt are the best. They’re brilliant. Burt is another mother fucking fraud. I also nominate Aubrey Plaza, always. Lucy Lawless for a guess turned out regular appearance. 

About the new wave of storytelling through something other than cable – it’s cool. It’s always cool to be part of the history. I do support it, 100%. And I really can’t complain, can I? With shows like House of Cards, which I consumed in one day. Like Orange is the New Black, which I would totally had consumed in one day if I had the opportunity, but slowly going at it and loving it. They bring quality, they bring depth, it’s good work for everyone, it’s entertaining as hell for us. Everybody wins.

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