Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love a smile. I love to see a smile on someone. They look prettier. Arizona Robbins has the most contagious smile.

You probably heard of Seattle Grace Hospital…a couple of days ago I decided to watch Grey’s Anatomy, to see Jessica Capshaw and her romantic subtext. She’s Arizona Robbins from peds surgery. She’s the cutest most amusing character of all surgeons (Bailey and Christina are genius, but that’s another story). She’s accomplished, hot and confident and she starts flirting with Calliope Torres from Ortho! I already knew the story, the outcome; I even saw the episode of her marriage to Callie. But I never thought the journey would be so satisfying. All I needed was to see that smile. It become like heroine. So I didn’t sleep for a few days.
I hope one of this days I get over them, but right now I really need Arizona and Callie.
In other words, this is me rejecting reality. 

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