Friday, September 2, 2011

Venice Film Festival Weekend - Photo Booth

A special guest.

They say Keira is every inch the star at Venice, so let's smile.

The family from 'A Dangerous Method'.

Also in the family...

The film is called 'Un été brulant' by Philippe Garrel and will also be at the TIFF.

Louis Garrel (son of Philippe Garrel).

George Clooney act.

I don't get this woman...I mean, I do. But it's too much...

...she puts young co-star in the shade, say gossip people; I say it depends on your taste, really.
By the way, their scenes together in 'Mildred Pierce' are powerful.

Jessie's face... Jessie's face and...(guess what?)

The good buzz is around Andrea Roseborough; What? She's a rising's like an athlete in Top form!

The big question is - is it bearable? Because I still want to see it in theaters.

Funny looking faces 

Man with a beard.

Man in a hat.

Cronenberg, I only saw your two last's a fact.

This is definitely funny!

Marisa, what is wrong??

Kate Winslet couldn't stop laughing during a vomiting scene...this really promises!

This is funny too! 

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