Friday, September 2, 2011

Venice Film Festival Weekend

I'm no reporter so I can only report what I hear from other reporters...but I can show you pictures (taken from other people too)! 
From what I've been reading the reviews aren't so ravishing. 

'The Ides of March' have mixed reviews; it isn't as accomplished as 'Good Night, and Good Luck' but it is very watchable. I also heard the actors are good but not Oscar worthy; perhaps Evan Rachel Wood, who gets an important role and gets a lot of screen time (which is a plus) and George Clooney for his secondary role. But it is certainly a really good and entertaining film.

Should we say the controversy begins? Director Roman Polanski didn't dare to go because he might go to jail but the actors went to Venice, less Jodie Foster. 
'Carnage' is a little quick film representing the humanity we all have, even if it comes in rare moments of inner dysfunction! The thing is pure and simple - people will love this film and perhaps even leave us wanting more. Four top stars that get together to show us human beings in their limits but it seems that the Oscar Worthy Performance is named Jodie Foster.

I am so sad (and disappointed). 'W.E' is a Royal Disaster (IndieWire Review). Saying the reviews are mixed it's a light way, it's being nice, because they actually say it's even worse than 'Filth and Wisdom' so there you have it. The main problem is the screenplay, but maybe if some other director would do it it could be saved...I guess the film is a slideshow of images, actors acting but with no insight; even the music isn't so well used; the photography is pretty good so for a slideshow film it's a plus. Madonna's ex husbands weren't so great of an inspiration, I guess (it shouldn't make sense though!).
Anyway, I'm really sad because of Abbie Cornish. Such an amazing talent, an amazing actress who doesn't seem to be having a great time is Hollywood, but rather difficult. She already lost an amount of different roles including in 'The Great Gatsby' for Carey Mulligan or replacing others like Emily Blunt in 'The Girl'. Because, like I said before, I wouldn't mind watching her doing ten films a year...even though she has other interests in life! Like rapping...and playing music instruments...and painting...and travelling.

The controversy continues but this time positively. 'A Dangerous Method' received an enthusiastic reception but hey, don't expect nothing less than a 'bloody' piece of work. Keira Knightley becomes the defining issue in the film because her character is, well, fully loaded. God, I'm rooting for her; I'm a very faithful Keira Knightley fan/admirer/lover with lot of respect too. But no less interesting are Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender.

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