Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alex Departure

It's been reported that Alex Vausse (Laura Prepon) won't be a series' regular for the second season of Orange is the New Black.
Everyone's mourning today. Like a deep, heartfelt mourning.
Right in the middle of the biggest Vausse hype.  Right when no one can't get away from this woman's act, exactly when no one can't get enough of her voice. Etc etc.
I kind of feel like this may make sense, since there's such a great variety of characters and especially because the writers of this show are so good, I can only trust that they're doing their job. Orange is the New Black is about the inmates, it's about their world and the world they had/have outside, and there's got to be new characters because I think that's also part of the Orange's essence. I don't even think that Piper Chapman will be as a center role as she was in the first season, but of course, I'm sure she's still a major role. Which also reminds me of how will they top the first season's greatness? Really, this first season was so satisfying and kept getting more and more revealing and poignant. This second season will really be something. In the writers I trust.
Update: There is the option I didn't mentioned earlier, which is the fact that it could have been the choice of Laura Prepon to leave show and not for the creative reasons I was mentioning before. If that is the case, then FUCK.

As for Alex - she will be SURELY and UTTERLY missed. She even may cause a rebellion!

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