Sunday, August 11, 2013

Frances Ha

Direct by Noah Baumbach. 
Written by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig.

What a cool experience.
I have to start by saying this film is unique and it’s unique not necessarily because of the story as much as it is about our irresistible Frances. Isn’t she just lovely?
This film is a coming of age story and one could say that these stories aren’t necessarily about boys and girls or rather that they aren’t boys and girls anymore. You could also add the fact of today’s society and the youngsters’ blossom to adulthood taking a longer stretch. Twenty seven years old isn’t old, is it?
Anyway, let’s talk about Frances. She’s a 27 year old woman living with her best friend in New York and trying to break out in her career as a dancer. The atmosphere of this film felt strange to me at first, it wasn’t as natural for me to dive in, probably because there’s this mix of today’s portrait with something that reminds you of French films from the sixties…wink! It’s the black and white and that timeliness feeling. The fact is that Frances brings all the joy, as she runs throughout those New York streets, the genuine life and irresistible wit.

When Frances’ other half leaves her, she goes through these ups and downs, more downs then ups really,  but without realizing, she’s fighting and breaking through and maybe being an adult. It’s a smart script, they keep playing games with us or rather entertain us. From the breaking up with the boyfriend at the beginning, moving from place to place, being broke, to the dinner with the rich people than actually going to France, because “Sometimes it’s good to do what you’re supposed to do when you do it”. She keeps learning from others, because that’s what people do, then going back to her college as the probable representation of her rock bottom. Then she lifts herself. This is her road. As she floats in the screen, the story and the images and the sound are always based on this relentless wit, brightness and intelligence.
Like I started in the beginning, Frances is irresistible, her genuine self, her inoffensive flaws and her sincerity, everything is interesting about her. And in this black and whiteness, it’s also irresistible to say how Greta Gerwig shines.

 Oh, look, a Streep child. I can't help it, every time I see one of her children, 
I can't help but think about the mother.

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