Monday, August 19, 2013

Praise for Adèle and other stories

Mr. Jeff Wells says Adèle’s performance is something transcendent. He also says her performance should be an obvious Oscar (nomination) lock.

Reading this article from the Mr. Oscar guy Jeff Wells kind of means the world to me. It isn’t as much the idea that a group of old fucks, and then all those Hollywood dudes, you know, from the likes of Meryl Streep to Russell Brand, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and John Hawkes are voting for her, as much as it is the idea of this female role with so much uniqueness, so much vitality be going around the world. As incoherent as this should sound, how much Oscars are Hollywood, Oscars are also a global thing, it’s universal, meaning that people from around the world are watching every year. And this idea sounds good.

Adèle and Stosh
 Adèle (role/actress) isn’t really changing the world or anything, it is a coming of age story taking place in France, not exactly in Uganda, but they all matter the same because it boosts something of a rewarding representation of an admiring youth, to live with passion and compassion.
If anything, it is rewarding to watch, even though if you want to, you can easily find different worlds from Adèle’s. In places like Uganda and the example of this lesbian girl named Stosh, she was raped and had an abortion within five months of pregnancy, when she was still a teenager, and then being outed when it isn’t even from her own will. Bravery comes through many forms, the differences between Adèle and Stosh is that Adèle kind of had a choice. We have the choice, or even many choices. We are free to do that, and pretty much anything else. But it isn't like these in many other places. Stosh doesn’t really have a choice, but then her bravery comes out to the surface effortlessly. We never know how strong we are until something hit us hard and we need to take action. So yeah, Adèle and Stosh bring these two different stories coming from one thing in common – the need to express yourself fully, be who you are and be able to live a life with passion, and the inevitability of finding someone to love and be free to do so.
Fiction or non-fiction, it is pretty hard to change the world. It takes a lot of everything. So these little cases must help, I mean, maybe I little bit? Right? They don’t have any obligation to do so, but it helps, it has to.
Even if they’re different, they all matter, Adèle’s or Stosh’s, as long as they’re here, they’re all fucking worth it. What’s the entire point if we don’t get to see these beautiful stories?

So about Adèle Exarchopoulos's potential Oscar run – she made it happen, with all the help of the people around her. And yes, the idea that this young talented French actress would be recognized in this foreign world of Hollywood sounds pretty good, like ‘take that mother fuckers’ good and for a couple of other reasons. But personally, I don’t think she’ll get the nomination. Going through a fast analysis, it’s a foreign language performance, she doesn’t really speak English, and her name is...oh what the hell. Nothing matters and everything matters at the end of the day. Think about the kid nominated last year, think about the oldest lady nominated last year, think about The Whale Rider girl, who came out of nowhere. I don’t think she’s an Oscar type. So I don’t think she’ll get there. But it wouldn’t be the first time or the second I would be wrong about something related to Blue. Well, I can only hope I’ll be wrong again!

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