Saturday, August 31, 2013

Her eyes, look at her eyes

Blue Jasmine
Written and Directed by Woody Allen.

This film is a highly entertaining portrait of a woman's fall. It is also a portrait about humble people and the contrary of humble people. I could say the rich snob society or even further, meta rich Fifth Avenue people, which was the case of Jasmine French, and about others who work a legitimately low paying job, which is the case of Jasmine's adopted sister.
These guys from San Francisco, Ginger and her boyfriend, can be humble, sometimes innocent, sometimes they don't really have many choices and often times they're not as smart or rather advantagable as others. To prove how smart the film is and great at balancing two worlds, I remember the name of our protagonist perfectly, but I don't remember at all the name of her sister (had to go check it). Little by little, we come to the moment when we see that it was Jasmine who brought everything to an end. So then, could I say it was her choice? It probably was. But the thing is, it was not for money, it was not for anything than the revenge over her husband's unfaithfulness. And this is the ultimate fact we get in the end. Jeez, it was really all her fault?

Jasmine French was a woman who just wanted to be substantial, even though possibly in the most superficial of ways. Her life was always superficial and intangible in a way, so no wonder she got delusional. She was an addict of this delusion and I don't think she has reached the rock bottom yet, even though the film does end.

Let's talk about casting and how perfect was this one. Really.You look at the screen and for reasons that are both about the story, physical, but also exterior to the film, the casting of Cate and Sally and Bobby and Alex became this harmonious mixed tape. It's so poignant and crucial to put a huge hole separating these different worlds and personalities.

Cate Blanchett doesn't loose her shit, not for a moment, not for a glimpse, as her Jasmine French gets increasingly unstable, out of control with pills and alcohol. It's truly amazing to watch Cate Blanchett - this is what I call a mother fucking treat. I kept thinking, asking why isn't she doing these performances three times a year, at least so I could see, because you know, not everyone is able to get to see her in plays (I guess mostly Australians do). Looking at this beautiful woman losing her shit I remembered a few times the word "Carol", which will definitely be my new obsession, my new project obsession.
Blue Jasmine is an extremely entertaining film and I really kept thinking about this once wealthy and now a degrading woman falling and digging deeper and deeper her hole. But Cate Blanchett, oh Cate Blanchett.

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