Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rooney in Mia out

I went to see Blue Jasmine this week and of course, I thought about Carol a few times throughout the film, as I looked at our beautiful and transcendent Cate Blanchett being absolutely brilliant! Really enjoyed the film. I also went to the library and read a chapter of Carol.
So a few minutes ago I read that Rooney Mara will be the new love interest of Cate Blanchett, in my world, this only means one thing - she's replacing Mia Wasikowska.
I really liked Mia, I think she was a really great choice for Therese. Now, Rooney Mara is playing the sometimes weird, sometimes over her time and straightforward Therese, secretive and with some pretty inquisitive eyes.
A few minutes later, thinking about the new girl...I like it! I really like it! I love Rooney Mara. It isn't the same physically, but I think this is a really minor aspect because I think she brings this unique figure, this unique mysterious notion about her, it isn't at all easy to figure her out and I think these characteristics fit really well into Therese.
Also - This means the film is moving forward...right? Right??
It better. This will be my new project obsession, after I settle down with Blue is the Warmest Color. It will take some time though.

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