Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Actors Acting

Summer’s gone. It’s really hot around here, though…so here are the actors that marked my Summer. Even though I believe this was the year I’ve watched fewer films I still managed to watch a few.

The Actor – Paul Giamatti. 
I love this man. The way he carries sadness is beyond me, especially in his eyes. I guess he’s just an unbelievable actor.

Win Win


The Actress – Marion Cotillard. I think Marion Cotillard is the most significant actress of this decade. She’s breathtaking in every performance, she’s so intense and delicate that it’s inevitable not to stand out in every film she’s involved. In “Midnight in Paris” she is charm and elegance. In ‘Little White Lies’ she’s distant and cold and really intense. She’s the actress of this decade.

Midnight in Paris

Little White Lies

International – François Cluzet steals the show in ‘Little White Lies’. The cast of this film was absolutely great but he's too amusing. He reminds me a little of Dustin Hoffman. 

Creative DNA ( A Discovery) – Aubrey Plaza. It’s because of her personality that she has her role in ‘Parks and Recreation’. It’s who she is.

Actor’s Comic Relief – Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Cannavale. It’s a threesome. They both deserve lots of recognition. Bobby’s performance in Win Win is ‘steal the show’ kind of performance, the same with Melissa and Kristen.


Win Win

Chemistry – (No, I won’t be saying Angie and Sasha) I choose Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, because they definitely needed some chemistry. 

Friends with Benefits

Actor’s Laugh – Jessica Capshaw. What else can I say?

Newcomer and Feminist Revelation – Brit Marling. She can be funny too. I recommend you to watch her guest appearance in ‘Community’. The really good part is that she came to stay.

The Actor that wouldn’t get off my face – Rainn Wilson.



Peep World

The Kid – Thomas Turgoose.

This is England

Kick Ass Performance – Saoirse Ronan.


TV Actress – Julianna Mergulies. First of all it is such a good role, I really couldn’t pass a show with this strong female character. She does a great job carrying all that character’s seriousness, it’s amazing. 

The Good Wife

TV Actor – Nick Offerman. His timing…when there’s such a great quality work behind the actor’s what else can he do but nailed it?
 Parks and Recreation

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