Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liv Tyler (Part III)

“Armageddon” 1998
Liv Tyler’s first blockbuster.
Everyone knows about ‘Armageddon’, I won’t even start talking about it. I remembered at the time I saw it I really enjoyed it and I fell in love for the girl who plays the daughter of Bruce Willis.
This is 1998 and she was preparing for something much bigger that she could never imagine. Between 1998 and 2000 she would choose and have one of her better and worst films, but definitely interesting choices.

Plunkett & Macleane” 1999
A period action film that didn’t work out much but for me was still funny to watch. It’s crazy and a little out of place, just a little. This was her first period film.
It’s impossible that every choice an actor makes to be a hit. It’s as simple as that.

“Cookie’s Fortune” 1999
I loved this film. Personally, I really enjoy Robert Altman’s films. There are always a very large group of actors and wicked stories that makes you stay looking at the screen for three hours straight.
Cookie’s Fortune has everything that characterizes Altman’s ways. It’s a warm and wittily portrait of a small town, where the most unexpected things can happen. It’s extremely amusing.
Liv Tyler cuts her hair shorter after twenty one years of a long dark hair.  

“Onegin” 1999
Directed by Ralph Fiennes’ sister, Martha Fiennes, this was Liv’s second period film.
Ralph Fiennes plays Onegin and Liv Tyler plays Tatyana, the girl who falls for him. There’s consistency, with its own slow pace and darkness approach but it wasn’t satisfying enough.

“Dr. T and the Women”
Liv is in another film by Robert Altman.
This time the feelings towards this one are completely different from the previous “Cookie’s Fortune”. It deals with a man, gynecologist, and the other hundred females crossing his way; family, patients, lovers. Something we need to do in Altman’s films is to pay attention to the little details. Through the chaos he creates in each different scene, he makes us be looking carefully at everyone’s little move and becomes a joy to look at. The film is all about this. So it was really entertaining to watch, but the last part wasn’t so satisfying. Young people like I was when I saw it can become pretty uncomfortable with the final scene (an explicit child birth)!
I don’t know if I should consider Liv’s role as a secondary one (since it’s an Altman’s cast) but anyway her character is really funny, part of those who brought the laughable moments to the story. Liv plays a quiet and sensitive girl that takes Kate Hudson from the altar!

“One Night at McCool’s” 2001
I must consider this film her worst. I will be straight up; I think it’s completely stupid. It’s so stupid. It’s really bad.
Liv plays the leading role (maybe in an attempt to stand out as a leading actress), a whore named Jewel (that’s how I describe her) who puts pretty much every guy horny and senseless. Described as a dark comedy I would say more like a tragic comedy. I will not even go and blame the originality or the actors; I will just stand out for the horrific color work. Jesus Christ, the car wash looked like a nasty video clip. If that was the point, they succeeded.  If you go for it, can be hilarious at times; but even if you go for it, the funny and mess can’t uncover the whole.
I think she took a risk with this role and fail to succeed. I mean, she’s so beautiful that kills but not for this role.
And after all this little films came a trilogy and all she would do for the next three years was to premiere the phenomenon of the Twenty First Century.

To be continued...

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