Monday, October 10, 2011

Liv Tyler (Part I)

Liv, a girl from New York who liked to perform as a kid, but she first started modeling before she got into acting.
Her film career –

“Silent Fall” 1994
Introducing Liv Tyler, who plays the antagonist in the story, should be considered as a challenging role for a first work. It is a film with its flaws, the main problem being the story. The story telling lacks originality and it’s also extremely deficient. It’s always easier to put two characters face to face explaining what happened, basically offering the resolution through dialogue. We can’t have great sympathy for these characters.
Liv Tyler was considerably good, but there were moments I could see her getting a little lost in her character.
Anyway, she was already extremely tall and she was already extremely beautiful. She was sixteen years old, didn’t had any acting lessons and she wouldn’t have until today. 

“Heavy” 1995
“Heavy” was the first feature film by then independent director James Mangold. It sets in New York State, Liv Tyler’s love nest. Tells the story of a young man lost and unhappy, with failures to communicate and whose life will be change drastically after the arrival of a young girl in his work place.
This is the story of an independent film I guess. It is an extremely slow paced drama, where the quiet moments and the details matter the most.
Liv’s role, Callie, isn’t the typical pretty girl who drives a man to a big change; she’s trapped in her own life, not knowing what she really wants, but she’s nice and comprehensive.
You are simply amazed by her full lips and her tallness and her eyes are so blue that she’s compared to Liz Taylor. She responded, “It's cool to be compared to her [Elizabeth Taylor], but honestly, who gives a damn?” As an early film career she was going in a well intended road with a reliable presence in an indie drama, with a solid story. She would go far.

“Empire Records” 1995
Now this film was according to her age, in particular. It’s about a group of teenagers working in an independent music store. It was a really cool teenage film that you can easily see. But something bigger was ahead.

To be continued...

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