Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liv Tyler (Part IV)

“Lord of the Rings" Trilogy 2001-2003
This is obviously the moment of her career. It was a rare opportunity and she was able to take it. This kind of challenge in an actor’s career happens once in a life time, if they are lucky enough to be a part of one.
For three years she went around the world, being pretty much The Girl from the Lords. This was necessarily her moment because it wasn’t only about being in a blockbuster film; it was about being in a World wide success, it was about a great trilogy that stayed in the memory book for its unprecedented work in the Visual Effects, marking cinema history, and also the eleven Oscars. It’s difficult to forget.

“Jersey Girl” 2004
It was filmed around 2001/02 but only premiered in 2004.
A film written and directed by Kevin Smith, he tells the story of a man being a father.
From conventional work to personal work, this film is then a very pleasant mix of a romantic comedy and drama.

“Lonesome Jim” 2005
Back to a truly Indie drama directed by Steve Buscemi.
I only saw this film once; I remember being a tough approach upon someone lost in life. It could be a more ‘luminous’ film.
This was shot in early 2004 and Liv gave birth to her first son at the end of that year. She then took a break of two years.  Then she made a positive comeback.

“Reign Over Me” 2007
Written and directed by Mike Binder this is one of the fewer films Adam Sandler decided to play a ‘serious’ character. Liv plays a physiatrist. It’s an interesting drama.

“Smother” 2008
In this comedy a mix of different actors jumps into an uninspired and irrelevant piece of work. It was a really weak film.

“The Incredible Hulk” 2008
This Incredible Hulk appears in a time when the Comics are taking a step forward in quality and not just another blockbuster film. And this one takes the trail. Liv Tyler is back to a hit film, playing a known role, Betty Ross.

“The Strangers” 2008
I guess this was her first horror film; I rarely watch a horror film so I didn’t knew what to expect, I guess being scared, which I was a little. With simultaneous hits at the box office, it was a pleasant year.
But it was time to take another break.

To be continued...

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