Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ron is out of mustache

Oh my god!! Ron's mustache is gone! Nooooooo.
The second episode from the fourth season of Parks and Recreation is so good I already saw it three times…or four. Who’s counting? 

So Ron is being audited by the IRS, because Tammy One showed up. Leslie doesn’t want him to go to jail so Operation ‘Rescue Ron’ is started. While he goes through the receipts we get to know he invested in gold and buried in several different locations around Pawnee…or did he? We also get to know about his mother.
Ron: "My first ex-wife’s name is Tammy. My second ex-wife’s name is Tammy. My mom’s name is Tamara. She goes by Tammy."
Leslie asks how Ron meet Tammy One which we also get to know that she actually helped deliver him, at birth. 

They first hook up when he was fifteen.
April thinks she’s a hero but Ron says she’s a hellacious nightmare.
She appears and nobody plays the game where everyone says something stupid.
For April she’s the cold, distant mother she never had. April: "I love her."

A week later someone appears. That someone is called Ron. Leslie sees that sir and then she says frightened. Leslie: “Ron? Your mustache fell off.” Just no words. Leslie is so revolted with Ron’s situation that she even slaps him. Which Ron says: "Ouchie".

Meanwhile Ann Perkins is working on a PSA with her boss. Naturally he’s too energetic with the takes. Ann: “Great just has good if not exactly the same as the last one.” 

And Ben is also getting hard work for having a friend.

The bottom of the situation is, Tammy One is just a gold digger, she is literally a gold digger! They look for help in the most desperate way - asking Tammy Two. Basically they’re being attacked by Godzilla and to beat Godzilla they need Mothra (the nerd who said this…). But even Tammy Two denies such interference because of nothing more but fear. The solution is: Ron’s mom. The most Tammy of them all. 

Operation ‘Rescue Ron’ is now Operation ‘Soaring Falcon’. Women dive in the ‘water’ fight, which are Tammy the Tammy, Tammy One and Leslie. Even April attempts to defend Ron. That's the liquor:

Everyone gets passed out and Ron ends with the water, literally. So Tammy One goes away…or does she?
Is not enough that this show is awesome at any possible level that they cast actors like Patricia Clarkson, which I absolutely love, she’s so great. Just couldn’t get any better.

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