Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liv Tyler (Part II)

“Stealing Beauty” 1996
This film by the acclaimed European Director Bernardo Bertolucci was the breakthrough moment of this young actress.
She plays the American cousin Lucie that travels to Italy to have her picture painted. It’s about a young girl wanting to know more about her past and also her future.
She takes her first leading role in a film with the tagline being “The most beautiful place to be is in love”.  It certainly wasn’t the greatest work of Bertolucci but it was definitely a beautiful film, with beautiful landscapes, beautiful images and with a beautiful young girl, in an already great cast, leading the film. It really is a film about beauty.

She is the leading girl at Cannes Film Festival.

“That Thing You Do” 1996
A film directed, written and performed by Tom Hanks about a rock band, based on a true story.
It’s funny, it’s enjoyable, there’s music and romance and at the end you are surprised with the likeableness of ‘That Thing You do’.
Tom Everett Scott is full of life, Steve Zhan is always funny, Tom Hanks also plays a role in the film and at a time when Liv Tyler is playing the luminous role between these group of guys, Charlize Theron is having her first appearances in Hollywood Cinema.
Well, the film had good reviews and even got an Oscar Nomination and other awards for the Original Song, ‘Do that thing you do’. It was really good.

“Everyone Says I Love You” 1996
Another legend, this time Woody Allen. Unfortunately her scenes were cut from the final version. The experience stayed.

“Inventing the Abbots” 1997
A drama settled between middle class brothers and their connections with three daughters of a local aristocrat.
There are good performances where actors like Joaquin Phoenix, Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connely were proving their talents and Liv Tyler was going on a steady road. 

“U-Turn” 1997
I don’t know what I should say about this; some sort of gasp or something. I will tell you what she does in this film – Sean Penn is all stressed out and about to buy a ticket; meanwhile a girl enters the place and wants to buy a ticket but Sean Penn’s character jumps ahead of her. This is her work in U-Turn, for about twenty seconds.

To be continued...

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