Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Billie's Call Girl

I had so much fun, Billie. I had a laugh. You are absolutely lovely.
I wish there was more.

I’ll get back to this later.


  1. Billie Piper yes, but no Hayley Atwell?? What gives?

  2. There's always time and space for all to admire, including all british...all the time ;)

  3. That's well fit innit? Seeing as I am convinced that you are the other half of my brain, right o - good answer! Oh and we can't forget the lovely Ruta Gedmintas.

  4. Oh god ;)
    That way it makes me keep posting ;)

    She's lovely, yes...but we could be naming endless names all day !

  5. Well clearly your time and energy are best spent on your posts and not a battle of wits over naming favorite actors. I'd much rather read your mind spills anyway. I find it refreshing and exciting that another woman (also in L.A.) shares a love for cinema and actors as much as I do. Please don't let me interrupt you. :)

    On a different note do you write good screenplays by chance?

  6. It's all good ;)

    I did write a few, but they're far from being any good! Reading them today, even I find myself embarrassed!

    (Just a tiny little detail, I'm not actually from or in L.A. I'm sorry if I confused you.)

  7. Its a bummer you are not in L.A., then again maybe not. Regardless, keep writing because you have a brilliant mind and voice. I am curious as to whether your screenplays really are bad or are instead by your possibly self deprecating definition bad. I am a director who is looking for good screenplays about woman. You seem apt to create such work. Oh shit I'm hijacking your blog. Will stop now. Anyhow I think you're great. : )

  8. I'm so flattered, I don't know if I even deserve such compliments!
    I would say they're pretty immature and new versions are required, which is the hardest part, as you might know ;)
    Cheers ;)

  9. I can assure you that you are deserving of such compliments! This blog of yours is great. You are tapping into so many things that I feel are rare. You see the full scope of art film to cinema to movie to block buster. You see talent and honesty in the most minute levels of some really brilliant but underrated actors to the finest in the BIZ. There is a genius in that, which I feel very few women really have, at least to the scope that you take it. The world of cinema is still a man's world, but women like you and myself are the ones who can level the playing field. Whether you want to or not is another story. There is something to you and your blog, your dedication, your voicing your thoughts, and your putting it out there... Do you think that does not warrant validation? Cause it does.

    I must say that my curiosity is now excruciating as I want to read your scripts. Do you prefer to live in the fantasy of Hollywood or do you someday hope to make that your reality?

    And yes script writing is hard. Very hard. Much harder than I care to deal with.

    P.S. I do wish you were in L.A. so we could talk about this stuff over coffee. : )

  10. Wow, thank you so much. I hope I keep up with that, I try to look at things as fairly as possible, so thank you.

    And I thought in L.A everyone cared about films! But yes, I do hope I get to witness that world steps ;)


  11. Most people in L.A. care about trying to be a star or building the illusion that they are somebody they are not. Its is pretty plastic. They are all about having a look, fitting into some social scene, and trying desperately to be discovered. Then there are people like me who are trying to make things happen. Trying to find good stories and make good films, have a voice that can make change.

    Stay in your Hollywood bubble as long as you can. It is a great place to be and much more interesting than the real thing maybe.

    Since you have such an innate understanding of characters/actors and story, does that awareness translate in your own scripts? In time I would like to read your work if and when you are willing to share. You have such a distinct point of view that I imagine your work can't be too bad.


  12. It's interesting to know that, thanks for the info and good luck, really, that's what we enjoy at the end of the day, a unique voice.

    I still need to do a lot of growing...

    I have definitely to start working on my rewritings...But I do appreciate the interest though ;)

    Best wishes!

  13. Oh artists always trapped in the battle of coveting one's work for fear of judgment, yet compelled to create the very work by which they will be judged. And at the end of the day all to fulfill some strange need for recognition. Such a strange conundrum we live.

    In time Rachelle, in time.