Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Newsroom, WTF

Why the fuck do you fucked everything up? Ok, I better use caps lock.
I don’t really understand it. It’s like out of nowhere, Mackenzie comes and says it’s her fault. But this is on a regular bases, she’s always blaming herself. Why? It’s so confusing.
In this particular scene of The Newsroom’s last episode just brakes the boundaries. It’s like you’re watching a group of people working together in a cubicle where there’s lot at risk and at the end of the day Mackenzie comes out of nowhere and blames herself for everything and all just because she cheated a man. WHAT? The man, Will McAvoy, can’t get over the fact, or Aaron Sorkin, that he was cheated by a woman. It’s not really getting over it as much as it is the way it is handle. When on earth this would happen if the cheated was the woman? It would be over as in finished episodes ago, where she would possibly have given up everything, like including the career she loved, just for his forgiveness and to get him back. But no, not in this case, not only he turns her life hell, he also just had said that he would literally given up his career just to fire her cheating ex-girlfriend at the end of every week, there’s no other reason why he would do that because she’s supposedly the best in the field, but this wasn’t enough to still make Mackenzie get at the end of the scene and say she fucked up everything. This is really fucked up. Will McAvoy is a bastard just for that simple fact. He doesn’t have the right to do something like that, it’s immoral and it’s actually pathetic. Men sheet, women sheet and yet look how different things are.

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