Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Games, Day 4

I don't know I much longer I can handle these evenings.
Too emotional.

The BIG softy and all smiles Schmitt was God. 
She was the greatest.
It was so beautiful, absolutely speechless.

Former World Champ Federica being good sport. 
She didn't even made the podium; it was so nerve racking.
I didn't know I would get so freaking upset after nerves, 
but I did get so pissed off, bad mood really. 

I am 100% behind Shiwen Ye.
One big fuck to everyone who doubts her.

It crossed my mind. Actually I was picturing all along.
I wished she would show the middle finger at everyone who said she should do more tests and other stuff. Especially at those who specifically asked. 

Actually I started to get really upset after this game.
If they play like this against France, Sweden will get behind.

Then this game.
At some point, I thought Chenney would kill her opponent/s or the other way around.
I thought someone would get really hurt.

Wow to England.

And now I can't believe in this draw. 
I don't even wanna think about it, and especially, get excited.

But God, let's go back to the begining.

Even Phelps was all smiles and exceptionally talkative.

Emotional. Too emotional. And tears.
I mean, he only became the greatest Olympic Athlete of all time.
He was already the best swimmer of all time.

The way he lead le Clos through the Victory Ceremony.


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