Thursday, July 26, 2012

True Colors

I've been singing this song non-stop since last week...and now this comes up...


  1. I was watching this today oddly enough. Pure Brilliance!

  2. No way !
    I felt like catching up with this film today out of pure randomness and bang, in my face - they are singing True Colors !

  3. I work at Technicolor and happened to work on Spring Breakdown today (I work with digital media). Of course it was this scene and a few others. I found it strange when I saw your post this evening.... so random. I still need to watch the whole movie. I am pretty much of the mind set that anything with Parker Posey is amazing and then add Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch. Enough said.

  4. It's pretty fun, pretty filthy, but I get the point! They play with main women's issues and college years in a comic Amy/Rachel/Parker way ...

    Did you enjoy Party Girl?

  5. I am generally very particular about the comedy that I like, but Spring Breakdown had me cracking up during the True Colors bit. Filthy and fun... sounds like a winner.

    I did like Party Girl, though I thought that 200 Cigarettes is one of the better movies of that lost girl party genre. I really love Parker Posey and if she is in a film I basically will like it. Parker Posey seems to override any opinion I may have on a film. Like Doom Generation, she is the best part. Blade Trinity, she is the best part. She just has that ability. House of Yes, need I say more?

    Totally off subject, I woke up this morning wondering if you may have seen the film La Planete Sauvage (1973)?

  6. I just like Amy Poehler so much! But they are all awesome.

    I definitely need to explore more of Parker ;)

    No, I haven't, though I think I might now (?)

  7. Parker Posey really came in the scene in the mid 90's. Maybe its and American thing, but she was so different from most women on the screen. She was the representation of the completely disaffected generation x. But she is also really fascinating in that she is a chameleon in her roles, yet she really very much herself. I think she is sort of an enigma really.

    Amy Poehler is great. Then again pretty much anybody who came out of Second City is great.

    And yes watch La Planete Sauvage. Its really trippy, but also a great social commentary.

    P.S. I am under the assumption that we both share the same love of Melanie Lynsky.

  8. I definitely lack some Parker Posey knowledge!

    It's on my list (La Planete Sauvage) ;)

    About Melanie, I just think that every time I see her it's exciting. She does all these secondary roles, but it always seems she turns them deeper, Away We Go, for instance...and the sarcasm, and jumping from one thing to another completely to have her on a leading role is pretty exciting.

  9. It seemed clear to me from Heavenly Creatures that she was really brilliant. Well both of them really, but then Kate took off and Melanie kind of went seemingly underground. Lots of strange bit parts in really random films. Yet she never lost that brilliance. I am glad that finally she is in a leading role. I do hope that this helps brings more light to her. Its kind of like "nobody puts baby in the corner"... right. Like she is just too damn good to not be in a leading role. Side note, I actually met her at an awards event in 2005. She seriously is one of the sweetest, most humble people I have ever met. She is one of those people who really deserves whatever success she gets. Hopefully from now on we will be graced with her presence even more. I mean Win Win... enough said. I would love to work with her someday.

    I think Parker might be either you like her or you don't. If you do like her, then you are in for a treat when it comes to her film repertoire. Waiting for Guffman is one of my favorites.

    Are you getting full on Olympic coverage where you are?

  10. Yes, she did lot of seemingly random choices, but then again I believe that if she gets the opportunity of a good story and developed character she'll give us a very worthy time... I do got that vibe from her.
    I cannot enphasise how much I like Win Win.

    I'm keeping my eyes on Parker ;)

    About Olympics - Oh, most definitely. I mean, many sports are not being covered live (it's only normal), they jump from one sport to another. I do jump from one channel to another (I only have two, one national and one international, this one is 24/7!). But I watch a lot of stuff online too.

  11. I've seen La Planete Sauvage, I was curious ;)