Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imagine Me & You

Can you imagine how wrong and misrepresented this film is? This utterly irresistible romantic comedy could be written by me two years ago, maybe three, maybe even today. Because it’s the kind of story a seventeen year old would write and a thirty two, you know, anyone could write it. It’s that exact story of a fantasy take on someplace foreigner and much romanticized.
Where to begin? Lesbians don’t look like Lena Headey’s. Choosing inoffensive words here, they look not so elegant.

I know I know things change and today the multiplicity and range is out there established. Look, if I’m being offensive to someone, that first one is me. Straight women certainly don’t fall for lesbians and much less leave men. No, that doesn’t happen often. And if it did, it wouldn’t be this way. I’m sure if someone read this and would go for a comment there would be plenty of people talking about their exceptions. But really, are we going for the exceptions? Isn’t it true what I’ve been saying? Large trousers and casual look won’t make Lena Headey a lesbian. Not to mention she would be often cocky, possibly offensive and fearless. They certainly don’t look like Amber Heard and they look. But are we really going for that? But that’s where Imagine Me and You is wrong…and correct. It completes the dream. We all wouldn’t mind if our girlfriend would look like Piper Perabo, or Lena Headey or even Matthew Goode. Would I be the kind of person trapped in an inoffensive solitude until I would (wrongfully) find the love of one’s life and then finally sit in a bench quietly and happily with the love of one’s life? Absolutely yes, except that I wouldn’t. You see, I’m running clich├ęs like race horses here. Would I choose this unrealistic romantic comedy over not so “girly” “real” lesbians’ stories? Probably yes. But let me tell you, the other option would be really freaking interesting too.

Imagine Me and You is a romantic comedy and here’s exactly the results of a romantic comedy. After the dream, you wake up and realize the misrepresentation. But that’s usually every romantic comedy and it gets tiring to discuss it. Weather is Imagine Me and You or in one of Sandra Bullock’s films. You see this film for the purpose of dreaming and feel good and at the end the hope. I figure Imagine Me and You is at the end a good thing. The end itself, even if embarrasses us, literally, it’s a good end because with a film like this one, with light approaches, without really facing trouble, makes people watch it, and it helps boosting the queer films into mainstream. It helps breaking the wall or/and the fear, or getting into if not first, possibly second line.

I bet my mom would enjoy it, except that she wouldn’t. Maybe a bit, for sure, but not as much as I do on a regular bases!

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