Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sports Edition

What I love about this season, Summer, is the time I have to watch more sports and that extra energy to also practice them, basically, at the end, the time available mostly spent on doing nothing! And this summer, of all the last three, is that summer. It’s the Olympics and I’ll be able to follow it 24/7 for the first time. You know, you can always see great material in these events. There are always some amazing stories. It’s where you find many times, humans being more than humans, how should I put it? They do things, they overcome obstacles, they transpire and face overwhelming feelings and events we couldn’t even imagine. So I’m really excited. I decided to spend my time watching a few sports movies. Though, I find it hard to find them, I don’t know if it’s my bad search but it’s hard to find a good quality film. There are lot of football, basketball, baseball and some boxing, I can tell. I end up watching these, out of completely random.

A League of Their Own

From a female point of view it’s really interesting to look at the women’s history and even in the way the society grew, the excuses based on gender are still the same basic ones. It’s just amazing that there are still millions of people who believe that a girl or a woman is supposed to play the soft, feminine role. When many say in parenting there’s got to be both genders so that the woman brings the affection and tender and this, obviously, it's incoherent, it’s close minded, it’s ignorant; like these girls’ need to be dressed the way they do in the movie, just so that they wouldn’t lose their, let’s say, roots.
Today you read the ESPN’S Body Issue and female athletes tell stories of being teased in high school because they had large shoulders, they had muscles. You see, it’s like we’re never looking for the good side of things. If they had muscles it meant they were healthy and fit. And there’s nothing wrong with it, they can still be girls, they can still be affectionate and grownups should be telling this to their sons and daughters. This has always been this way and I guess it always will be, whether was and still is in women’s struggles to have the same opportunities in sports or at any other society circumstances.
In sports, just in sports the depth is huge. Leagues created for men in the sixties and only in the nineties they’re created for women. In the Olympics, the number of sports women played much later than men, many times because they didn’t had the ‘body strength’ or hadn’t gone pro because they didn’t had the opportunity to, there was no support. In the film, the women’s baseball wins great popularity and as the season approaches the end, they want it shut down because men are coming back, meaning, they don’t need women any more. They aren’t worth it anymore. Who cares about having the same opportunity? Their place is at home. But for me, it also feels like they were threatened. I think men have been always frightened of women and I think it’s because they’re the first to knowledge the fact that they will kick the shit out of them. Men (and including even the women) never been used to this and like many other things in society, it takes time.

Let’s just say that these women weren’t the most independent and free of choices, but it was a surprisingly hilarious film. I felt like playing baseball, hitting the ball really hard, and I don’t even have a clue of what they’re doing in the field. I would say that Rosie O’Donnell *slash* her character, slightly stole the show. She made me laugh so hard, mainly because she was just genuine! But Madonna also pulled a couple of fun moments, especially when she says “uh, oops, my blossoms came flying out?” Instantly back to Leslie Knope. I had a lot of fun!

"Oops, my vest popped open"

Without Limits

A known tale on an inspiring story based on the life of a professional athlete. He was Steve Prefontaine, he was in many ways gifted like many professional athletes. Their hearts are pretty wicked. This was one of them. It’s interesting to look at a professional athlete and see what they hold on to, what motivates them to keep working day after day. Though I was not a big fan of the implication in the flashbacks of him suffering from bullying when he was a kid that made him run the way he ran. I’m sure being teased for his Dumbo hears didn’t make Michael Phelps the swimmer he is today.


Glory Road – I love it when I get the chills.

 Love & Basketball – Honest, genuinely likeable and it felt pretty accurate!

And a couple more:

Swimming Upstream – I genuinely like this film, not because it’s possibly one of the few films featuring this sport (swimming) but because it’s a very authentic film. Parents are many times the coaches behind the athlete, the competition between brothers, the family, it was profound.

Children of Glory – This one should be my favorite! Because it gathers my genres, history, war, sports, romance! And yes, I liked this Hungarian film and I recommend it.

Pride – Yap, I cried and yap I’m easily taken.

P.S - Happy Games and good luck! (I'm jumping of excitment, I can hardly take it!)

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