Sunday, July 1, 2012


What better way to start posting again than with this precious picture of my dearest and lovely Liv with her mother? It was thirty four years ago, she was one and today, July the first, she completed 35!
I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but for me Liv is special and by now, she’ll always be. I don’t know, she just grew in me, I found her special in every corner I looked. There’s no obsession, no crazy stalkness, no misguided perfection. It’ interesting that I still look forward to so much more from her. She did some nerd satisfying performances, she did possibly one or two different accents. She played a whore, she played the victim and murderer at the same time, she played wife in spooky houses and comic standards, but I wanted to see different more. I would love that she would take herself to different grounds. I wanted her to be yelling and screaming, being challenging and leading and fighting back without being immortal or the wife of a potential psycho. I wanted to see goofy Liv. But I know her, and she takes her time. Anyway, where was I? Oh, it’s her birthday.

Livvy and Mom Bebe.

So it seems that I’ve been away for a couple of days and when lapses like these happen there’s a tendency to reorganize and clean out one’s mind. I guess unconsciously I don’t believe people are reading my words. So I just wanted to shout out that I don’t really know my intentions when posting personal words. There’s this modern side of me (Facebook generation) that has the necessity to show my world of interests cyberly. With Nora Ephron’s death and reading her work, one wonders. I don’t know, I’d like to have a voice but I take ages to write, most of all because I’m insecure of every word. And am I any good at all? I don’t know if I’m any relevant, any worth the time, if I’m funny at all. Do I even know what I mostly write? Probably not. Most of all, I’d like to write significant and possibly entertaining words. Above all, I like films and the different worlds surrounding this particular visual art. And a word I came to know through Nathaniel from The Film Experience that couldn’t possibly be more fitting for myself, which is me being an actressexual.
So I take this blog to work my honesty too, really, that’s the deal. I hope you, reading this, find…oh no one’s reading this. Many of you share these exact same interests with films, an undeniably and irresistible attraction and interest for this misrepresented country that we all think we know too well called United States of America, I’m just one more among zillions. The thing is, I’m growing with you all.

P.S. - A reminder that I’m not really fluent in the English language, so I apologize in advance for confusing words, sentences and thoughts. 

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