Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letters, Abel Korzeniowski

I need to take a moment of absolute appreciation to Abel Korzeniowski and his work for W.E, which I’m listening as I’m writing this. Yes, I'm still fixated in Madonna's W.E and yes I watched it a couple of times more.
I don’t know how to express this work, which I believe it’s masterful. His work sounds subtle but also extremely driven. It started from the opening sequence of the film. As you watch it, the sound leads us the way, all the ways emotionally, introspectively and just let us float through these characters’s space in time. The sound let us float yes, the pace is accelerated, it’s like it drives us, and it takes us. But even out of Madonna’s world we want to hear the entire CD over and over again.
Sometimes I would hear the entire CD three times in a day. It involves us and involves us, and you can’t stop listening to it. I never been this stoned by an original movie soundtrack since probably Dario Marianelli’s Pride and Prejudice.

A few more.

Not enough to hear it once.

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