Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Off topic here. I can hardly wait for the Olympic Games.

I'm excited for this:
Just look at that stretch...I look at this save and I think of all the work she does
every single day and the work others do for her. 
And I specially think of the 500 (possibly more) sit ups she does by morning!

It's been nearly a year since I almost cried with nerves.

Always excited for this. Tennis equals addiction.

Ryan Lochte vs... The water.

Magnussen vs. Cielo Filho

The French vs. The French

Specially one of the most interesting comebacks, personally:
New mom, Laure Manaudou.

Oh god, the women's 200 meters freestyle. 
I really don't know if she'll make it.


34 year old Therese Alshamar.
("Oh god, I took a picture to Therese Alshamar", I said at the moment she dived.)

The fast girls from Netherlands. 
Ok, I'm excited about everything swim related.

And everything else. 

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