Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Cloud Altas' Message

Everyone’s mentioning this speech by Lana Wachowski’s, for the Human Rights Campaign and I also want to be one of those people. It’s always, always good to hear someone speak their mind about diversity, about different kinds of love, about acceptance and respect for human diversity no matter what decade we're in. The Wachowski’s have always been known for their privacy, as I learn, but it seems that that’s changing now, and it comes in a moment of their new film, in collaboration with Tom Tykwer, Cloud Atlas, which makes kind of a perfect fusion, being that the film seems to be so much about that. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter the film campaign behind it, that doesn’t matter at all because someone in this land is listening this woman talk and understand that they have a chance in life. It will make a difference anyway and that’s what matters. Even if she would be doing this for herself she’s still making a difference. 

She reminded me of Kimberly Reed’s documentary, Prodigal Sons. It is such a beautiful documentary. It is a contemporary story and maybe it isn’t, it should be considered an essential story portraying family conflicts because we’ve all been there. It seems a story we know, like Lana’s, but at the same time we can’t seem to listen every day, any day actually. So this is a really worth story, about who we are and how we grow up to be someone that no one can define but ourselves.

Plus I’m really looking forward to see this film and it’s not because of her speech. Sometimes I just need to hear a good word and that’s it. I confess I had tears in my eyes after reading the article by Sasha Stone, at Awards Daily, but then again it may as well be a personal thing.

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