Friday, October 12, 2012


Directed by Richard Linklater.
Co-written with Skip Hollandsworth.

In Bernie’s story, there are many things you can be discussing; the legal system, religion, the good intention in people, even the United States territory, but mainly it tells that everyone is capable of doing anything under contradicted circumstances and not contradicted circumstances, no matter if he’s a gentle young mortician, a father and psychiatrist with pedophile tendencies, a school teacher or a priest. And if it happens one time it may as well happen again. Why wouldn’t happen?
So, yes there’s discussion. But of all the sentences of the film, I will phrase this townspeople. She sure needed to be in a discussion about gays. Actually, thinking about it, it makes some sense! But doesn't.

Townspeople: “Ah! You know, I heard that he was gay, but he was such a good Christian man, everybody thought, you know, how could that be? That dog don’t hunt. Nah.”

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