Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taking Woodstock, 2012

 Peace, Love & Misunderstanding.
Directed By Bruce Beresford.
Written by Joseph Musznski and Christina Mengert.

This story takes the town of Woodstock, or in other words, the country side of New York, as a background for a very standard story of transition, forgiveness and tolerance.
We have a family, the parents are getting divorced as the kids are growing into adult territory. The now divorced mother decides to take her kids to her mother’s house, the hippie Jane Fonda, playing the opposing characters. That’s probably why she’s going to her mother. In a moment of transition, one tries to find balance, or even something opposite of one self and that’s why their road to Woodstock.

So we all know Woodstock becomes like a spell, a relentless spirited soul, for people and stories because everything turns out to be a moment of acceptance of who you are, of becoming a man, of becoming a woman, a reflection about art, a reflection about politics, a reflection about wars, a reflection about animals, a reflection about poems, a reflection about sexuality, a reflection about pot. So the film goes on between these series of events to which you are pretty certain of how it will turn out in the end, but regardless of its predictableness, it always feels honest. And it’s always a worth opportunity, even if you’re mainly in wonder just to look at these three generations of actresses.

 Jane Fonda, Goddess.
Catherine Keener, always a brilliant soul.
Elizabeth Olsen, a genuine future brilliant Goddess. And I love her voice.

A pleasure to look at these three.

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