Saturday, October 6, 2012

Parks and Recreation

Catching up with my sickness, I should properly call it.
And now I’m going to use images and quotes and sometimes things people do that puts both images and quotes in movement, called gifs, which looks a bit unethical at first but it also helps to represent what I won’t even add anything more - It’s Parks and Recreation, there’s nothing I can possibly say that can make it even better. 
If you're not part of the world of Parks and Rec and you don't understand the language, you may also enjoy the images, or you can just use the gifs for other things! It's all good.

Ben: “Oh I’m excited to bond a little with April. She’s like the little sister I never had. Because the little sister I do have is normal and not terrifying.”
Oh Ben and April. Bond? For moments I thought you were going to make out.


Leslie: “Ann has told me repeatedly not to get a perm. But Ann’s not here. So when the Ann’s away, the mice get perms.”
Where did Ann went by the way?

April: “Why do you have so many soundtracks?”
Ben: “Oh, well, I kind of look at it like it’s your favorite directors making a mix tape just for you.”
April: “Eww.”

Donna reads "Fifty Shades of Grey", what else??

Tom: “I’m not eating a racist salad.”
(Tom eats the salad.)
Tom: "You can really taste the ignorance".
Councilman Milton: “It’s pronounced ‘anchovies’.”

"Yeah, well, love the hair!"
Priceless Leslie (*Amy Poehler.)

Diane: “Hi. Diane Lewis. I own this pothole.”
Ron: “Ron Swanson. I’m here to fix it.”

Oh man the stare, how can he resist it - he doesn't.

Oh god, Ron Swanson all insecure. I mean, not insecure, but definitely challenged.
Look at his face! Like I need to say this at all. Looking at his face it's what everyone loves to do on a daily basis, at least I do.

This was simply cruel.


Oh so cruel.
Ok, enough.

Chris: “You have one very satisfied citizen. What did you do for her?”
Ron: “I fixed her pothole.”
Chris: “Is that an euphemism?”
Ron: “No.”


Ron: “I begrudgingly admit that the 311 programme is a moderate success. I’m still not sure why the citizen decided to come speak with me in person…”
I love it. I love that he says 'begrudgingly', admits 'a moderate success' and I especially love that he uses the word 'citizen'! And to answer the doubt in that sentence - you're RON FUCKING SWANSON. Ok, probably the Caps Lock was unnecessary.

"Yay democracy."

"Oh, no, my perm."

Oh, Lucy're just flawless...see what I just did?! See how funny I can be? I'm kidding, I'm not. Ok, don't know what to say, except for this: I want Lucy Lawless. Me want more Lucy Lawless. Me want Diane and Ron competing in every single episode until the end of the season. So yeah, definitely more Lucy Lawless. PLEASE, AND THANK YOU.

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