Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting into the fall, part II

Oh boy, these shows are killing me. I think I have my line up pretty settled for the week:

I love this face. I love Dexter. And joining all my admiration for this show, I really enjoy my mom's reactions when she's watching the episodes.

One tries to hold on to the different faces of one Carrie Matheson. I think the image below tells a few things about the show.

Downton Abbey
I'm just going to quote it. There is nothing else I can say to make it more delicious.

Mrs. Hughes: “What’s the matter? Have you all turned into pillars of salt?” 
And this is the reason why:

Lady Grantham: “He looks like a footman in a musical review.”
Mr. Carson: “Hard work and diligence weigh more than beauty in the real world.”
Lady Grantham: “If only that were true.”

Bang, two Emmys in the bag.

Oh, you Irish lad. How could Sybil resist you.

I think I'm going down on a deep crush. Deep crush on these two.
I also think I'm starting to see how this relationship will end. And then I'm gonna be sad.

The Good Wife
I automatically went back to E.R. I now want to see it all over again, like all night watching E.R. Nonstop.

Chicago Fire

I think it is the only new drama I’m taking a look at. Probably not the most original show ever, even accurate, but I watched the pilot and I really wanted to see more, so that’s positive. I love drama; I love conflict, so I want to see what they’re going to do with it, at least a few more episodes. I really liked Jesse Spencer, because maybe he was the most reliable character. I would watch this show for him. About the other handsome leading guy, not the greatest actor ever, but that I already knew. But I got the point of the casting choice and it’s only been forty minutes, so let’s give him time.
But now let’s all take a moment:


Now Comedy!

Needless to add something to this picture.
And this:

I know, this is from last season, but it's just too good. I think I squealed when I saw it.

There is too much awesome involved, so I'm going to quote it, again:

New Girl

Schmidt: “There’s got to be an explanation for this, like he’s the Lord of Winterfel.”
Just keepin' it real.

Raising Hope

Sabrina's Mother: “That woman once elbowed me in the nose because I was talking during Wimbledon.”
God, this is so accurate. Which reminds me: little Hope sort of looks like Kim Clijsters' daughter!

But let's continue with the quoting: 
Jim: “This isn’t your house, it’s Maw Maw’s.”
Maw Maw: “And I would like to live in it alone just once, before I die. So hurry up and ask that long-haired pretty boy to marry you before the Republicans get back in office and make it a sin.”

Maw Maw: “At least you’re getting married for a house. When she got married, all she got was a ten-pound baby with a two-pound nose.” Oh, Maw Maw, this is so good! 
These three, Maw Maw, Virginia and Burt, they kill the show, neatly. Just look at it:

And this isn't nothing. There's so much more great scenes, just in this first episode of third season.

Ben and Kate

I’m having so much fun with these guys. It’s so funny and cute, and then they casted Maggie Elizabeth Jones, I can’t stand it! I love it. The pilot was kind of perfect, no, let me correct myself, it was perfect.
BJ, aka Lucy Punch, you are killing me.

Kate: “We are gonna crush these guys, because you know who our other teammates are?”
B.J: “Is one of them Jesus or something?”
Kate: “Preparation and hard work.”
B.J: “It’s even worse.”

Go On
I started watching this show and then I couldn’t stop. I had to watch the four episodes I had available. It’s so fun, it’s interesting. I talked to a friend about Matthew Perry talking too much and she warned me that it’s just the way he is, so ok. I loved it! 

And I loved Julie White so much. She plays Ann. What a character! It’s so good, it’s so well written. She’s so genuine and she’s so funny, she’s really funny. It truly is a great character. I had a laugh just because she said something like: “I freaked out…then I ran.” Because I pictured her running! Win win.

Now let's see how it goes from now on.

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