Thursday, October 18, 2012


Written and Directed by Rian Johnson.

I am utterly Looperless, I mean speechless. And at the same time, I could go on writing pages about this film. To me, there’s absolutely nothing more satisfying than leaving a theater completely satisfied.
There are so many different lines one can start to talk about Looper and yet it is hard to choose one. It’s hardly safe to go on talking about this film on a substantial level when I’ve only seen in once. But there are a few clear things in my mind, one of them is that I am extremely glad I haven’t seen any footage of this film, only the first teaser that came out, or read articles and so on. It is really a film you should see with your mind clean.
There are only so many things that cross you mind while watching Looper, but one thought I still think about it’s how long did Rian Johnson worked on this. I picture a room full of boxes full of pages, full of notes of many different colors, of strings attached. How he came around this puzzle and how many times did he start over. Because all strings in this story are efficiently connected, are suspenseful, surprisingly but beautifully melodramatic. And then in all this chaos of time travel, of utter discrepancy between opposing poles, like poor and rich, like good and bad, between selfishness and meaningfulness, you come across humanity, love and sacrifice.

One of the reasons I feel this is a tremendous film it’s because you’re still in the theater and you know you want to be consuming this film for days. You want to leave the room, go home and don’t read anything about it, no one’s perspective quite yet. Don’t even turn the computer on. I just wanted to go back to the theater. This is when I feel a film is accomplished, because as I was in the dark room nothing else mattered, no awards mattered, that entire outer world vanished. And also that the film is also that well made, at every level. It just simply leaves you thinking and that’s what films should accomplish first and foremost, or at least one of the main ideas and goals of making a film.

I didn’t even know to whether Emily Blunt was hardly in it or not. Except that she is. Emily Blunt plays Sara, a lonely singer mother but in control of her state. I might deviate from the story here, but once this woman, a woman, comes in the film, she brings both bloom and human nature and the screen suddenly enriches, becomes more complete. She’s a beautiful representation not only of women, but regardless of genres, just simply humanity. And the more diverse they are and the more present, the more complete we feel. Looking at Emily Blunt I felt so proud, she was so good in this film.
Finally, the fact that Looper isn’t just a film with explosions, awesome visual effects and sound mixing, shootings and blood but also brings its story, its strings, that also puts at dispose questions with opposing alternatives it is to me well worth give its praise.

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