Monday, February 7, 2011

Actors Acting

Mannerism – Here it is something quit discussable.
Emily Blunt, an actor whom I absolutely cannot praise more, has its own mannerisms (which I personally love). If you realize there’s this peculiar walk of hers, it’s there in most of her films ‘running fast with her arms waving in the air’. It’s part of her individual gesture and is normally integrated in her performances (whether in drama or comedy). We don’t really pay that much attention and she’s really respected anyway.
Now, Kirsten Stewart who I like as an actress (even though she did Vampires stuff, which is a total cultural thing and I’m not even going there) also has her own mannerisms, like lifting her air…pretty often. 

And I think people use this as an excuse to judge on her bad acting, often saying she does the same role in every different film. First, I don’t even think she’s a bad actress and second why not take her mannerism has part of her distinctive acting? I don’t think it should be an excuse. 
Take the ‘The Cake Eaters’ then, directed by Mary Stuart Masterson and why don’t you watch it? And I don’t mention this film just because she plays a deceased girl but because she’s so intense at it. I’m not comparing these two actors, whom are really different from each other. Emily is to me the greatest actor of this decade, I know I can’t say the same about Kirsten but hey, she’s not bad either and at the age of nineteen she already has a fine film career.

Mannerisms are in all of us and so in actors and it becomes part of their craft. Why shouldn’t?  They put their bodies and souls into a performance so why not include their individuality? I think it would be inhuman not to.
It’s quite inevitable if they might lift their hair and run with the arms waving in the air or doing expressions with their faces. I’m just trying to make a point.

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