Monday, February 14, 2011


This British series Skins go really to the edge of craziness. Which at one point gets all kinds of ways?  Cause I seriously don't even know how to describe it! It’s ridiculous, stupid, nonsense, sweet, dramatic, loveable, really fucked up, sometimes hilarious, wise, abstract and tricky...(seriously how the fuck they went to trips and go away for days and then have A’s and B’s at the college? Or were they find money to go to New York City…) which leads to just keep watching it! Which, I did.
The first two series were just brave and great, I really liked it. I even had a tear waiting to come out in the first season finale. (Yes, I know I’m a late person…who cares!)

Third season was hard to take with the new cast, except the intoxicating Effy. The story line seemed fucked up (yes, even more), but was interesting anyway (Freddie, always very annoying to me and I thought Cook was a bit exaggerated). Pandora's Pajama Party was hysterical. Fourth season started so well. The first four episodes were increasingly dramatic which I loved it, so I finished season four in a day. And like always, I’m melancholic!
But yes, I can’t say it was a waste of time, at all. So yeah, I get the reason why there’s so much talk around Skins.
And one more time, since its Valentine’s Day I give you a beautiful video about falling in love (it’s seriously amazing, thank you to the person who did it). 
“So be brave and want be back”

PS - I don't have courage to see the USA Version.

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