Friday, February 11, 2011


As she screw it all? Melissa Leo released her own (now controversial) campaign ads.

I’m not even close to understand how all this works, but through the years becomes pretty easy to recognize, through awards season, who the winner of an academy award most likely is. So Melissa Leo is or was or was or is on the road for the Oscar for Supporting Role in ‘The Fighter’. Now, did she screw it? Because now (if people is stupid enough to care or if somebody puts some unknown pressure on it) she might be 'considered' (I mean, considering that she is and always was already only a consideration out of five) because it could be interpreted as being a bit ‘desperate’. I think it is pretty irrelevant what she did, I don’t think by going to talk shows and stuff won’t make a performance better or worse. But this is me, in my most genuine way of looking at it, thinking that despite whatever, it’s about the film and the value the actor gives to that film. So just chill out Melissa Leo, you’re most likely to win (though whether you win or not it isn’t because of a campaign). I think just to be nominated it’s such a win.

I'll even give some examples of people that not even a nomination for an Oscar got and should really deserve it.

 Isabelle Huppert - I’m sorry, but she’s totally a director’s wet dream (in a manner of speaking). She’s absolutely and undoubtedly one of the greatest actors in the world and it’s still possible not to have an Oscar nomination. And I don’t think she really cares. She was also the Jury of 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

Now these are young and have plenty of time.
Like Abbie Cornish, in ‘Candy’ (or even ‘Somersault’). She plays 'Candy', a really fucked up drug addicted, gets naked and stuff...isn't an Oscar type? Oh wait...maybe if she played a lesbian fucked up drug addicted who prostitutes herself to support her little son (yes she can play a lesbian and still have a son!).

Emile Hirsch and ‘Into the Wild’. Just scandalous, that’s what I can say!

Sarah Polley, she’s just so great.

Michael Fassbender – he freaking scared me in ‘Hunger’. I just know he will have an amazing career. 

Emily Blunt – I know this goes all around the same people, but she’s such a genius! Her attractive and dangerous character was so intense that after you see her as 'Tamsin' in 'My Summer of Love' you'll have nightmares with her (which is not necessarily bad!).

I would say Christian Bale but well, not anymore since he will win the Oscar for Best Supporting role in 'The Fighter' in two weeks from now. God, I always feel like I'm forgetting lots of people. So I praise the ones I forget!

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