Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exit Through the Gift Shop

The most fascinating thing I’ve seen lately, cause really, I never saw something like this before. That’s most likely the reason why it makes this documentary so great, the hype.
A documentary by an artist, a worldwide known mysterious guy, who meets with the most insignificant person leading to an unexpected discovery!
One of the remarkable things about this documentary and even if you don’t know much about art or if you’re not very fond of it, you gradually realize the significance and importance of this documentary. Where you can see what Street Art is and what it means, the people’s reaction to it, what will be from now on and finally watching directly the rules of morality being disrespected and broken. And you must know that talking about art, all kinds of art, is pretty tough (not to mention what is art and what isn't)!
So, whether this is fake or real or whether is smart or stupid or the artists’ egos are all messed up, this is brilliant and unique…even inspirational!

PS - It's also hilarious...

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