Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Young Blond Things

They're young, they're (really) pretty and I guess they are the new generation.

Greta Gerwig
 We met her officially in 'Greenberg', now she has "No Strings Attached" and "Arthur". From indie films to conventional romantic comedies...

Teresa Palmer
 From indie discovery, "2.37" to big budget 'things': "Bedtime Stories", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and we can see her in another conventional stuff like "Take Me Home Tonight" and "I Am Number Four".

Amber Heard
I think Amber H. is trying to do as many projects as she can, probably not a great choice. Right, she has lot of work coming out (mostly irrelevant) but let's wait for "The Rum Diary" with Johnny Depp. Meanwhile we can see this beautiful thing in 3D: "Drive Angry".

Dianna Agron
Ok, Glee is the thing. But she's in indie film called "The Romantics" and also big budget film called "I am Number Four'. Let's see what, another blond, can bring to us.

Jennifer Lawrence
Yes, finally the recent Oscar nominated blond girl from the brave "Winter's Bone". There's something interesting she says in an interview that is pretty relevant in this post, about the challenge of a role:
The good challenge is when they're not stupid. A lot of scripts are stupid, specially for a young blond girl. It's hard to find a good story with a good character that's why up until now I done one movie a year. 
Well, that's a good point. Right Amber? Or Teresa? Greta?
But suddenly "a comic" like X-Men becomes not stupid. Too bad...but why not have some fun? Ellen Page also did X-Men! I guess they all get in blockbusters at some point. Even Joseph Gordon Levitt. It's just Hollywood.
Ps: For an actor, as long as it's daring right?

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