Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the Club

With the recent films experiences I really have to knowledge that, when we are sat in a movie theater, the Club scenes are seriously and in a very relevant way mind blowing.
And only by being actually ‘inside’ of a movie theater that can bring those anxious emotions.

“Babel” club scene is something that is just speechless because put us in the position of a deaf person (Rinko Kikutchi’s character). The image, its color and movements, the characters’ feelings, the sound and its pacing, let us over our heads. It’s remarkable and something that you never forget, inside of a movie theater. Almost let us blind.
(I couldn't find the original scene, so here's just a reminder).

Inside of a movie theater, watching these, it's 'Oh shit, control yourself' kind of moment (I don't even know what this means, can have many different interpretations!). So can a scene, in the recent cinema history, be any hotter?! (I seriously need to stop watching this) Black Swan experience:

"The Social Network" club scene Intro – the only expression –“ WOW!”. It’s literally getting inside of the film's world.

It’s a pity I only remember this three, I wished I could remember more...

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