Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blue Valentine

I blame this film and films of this kind for being stuck in this world. They are the ones who blame for my endless addiction to watching films or movies or flicks or whatever you feel like calling it today, because they make me understand and believe in life, in happiness and overwhelming sorrow, in kindness and repugnance, in meaning and not being able to breathe…while you are breathing, that is possible to see our inner and that really makes us want to think about our own life, maybe life is a too general word which really doesn’t say much but yes, something about it. Even if it doesn’t changes anything at all and doesn’t make any difference…I don’t think cinema is about making difference and change people’s minds, make them respect the others around them or pay more attention to little things (however I want to believe in it).

Cinema shouldn’t and really isn’t responsible for making people be greener and less selfish and appreciate  little things more…so I ask myself, what is it for then? It’s hard to explain because at the end, when you can do whatever you want to your life, cinema is not about change people’s lives but trying to make them believe in it and that is possible with a little bit of humor, sympathy (or not) and some impossibilities possible, otherwise you’re getting out of the theater feeling something contrary to what you wanted in first place and you’ll probably want your money back, because at the end you have to pay to watch a movie (whether is full of action or quiet!). So then you choose. It’s really up to us. Whether one day you choose to see something like “Gray Matters” and loose some neurons, laugh hysterically because it’s so ridiculous or if you want to see a Chinese movie where there’s nothing else but sex or a black and white Swedish movie from the sixties or you see something like “Blue Valentine” if you want to feel very vividly and get incredibly melancholic and think think and think. Because you can love and hate, there’s never one side or the other and never will be (I wouldn’t mind if there was a comment here saying they hated “Blue Valentine” just to prove my point).

And this is what I call the bridge between cinema and life…because I didn’t really talk about “Blue Valentine” yet. And what is there to mention about this little great American indie film? Talk about the photography, naked performances, and the aging process, the realism, some scenes in particular, the black jacket, that particular song in that scene, the narrative, even the final crushing credits…I know they are the ones who make the magic happens and make us feel vulnerable but sometimes it’s tiring to go that deep and I always thank them but I don’t want the magic to go away, do you?

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