Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Romantics

Tells the story of a group of friends once called ‘The Romantics’, as we learn later cause it’s not only for the love they have for each other but their incestuous relationships. These groups of friends get together for the wedding of two of their friends, Lila and Tom, but problems arise because Tom as a long term relationship with Katie Holmes’ character, Laura, and it’s too strong so he doesn’t know what to do about it. This film has enjoyable and funny scenes and also awkward ones but we get to the end and nothing has necessarily a resolution. The credits start rolling and a conclusion or whether several questions stay in the air. 

They all love each other very much so they don’t know who to love more? Cause at one point two of the couples change partners and they end up whether flirting or make out. Or when the purpose is a marriage and this marriage stops in the middle because of rain. I didn’t read the book but they probably would end up married but that’s not even the most relevant thing. Sometimes the questions that come when the credits of a film start rolling is good depending on the story and circumstances and it’s daring for us, audience, to make our own point of view on something about life. I have my doubts in this case.

 Through a doubtful cinematography the film can be amusing and it’s not so boring, although it could satisfy us more! Malin Akerman is always entertaining (saw her just before in a more kindness film “Happythankyoumoreplease”) and it’s a sorry she has that blondeness Complex (“stupid roles especially for a blond”). Dianna Agron, the one scene out of two she has with dialogue she’s not that great at it…but the whole cast is generally good.
It’s interesting cause there’s a very similar story about a family that gathers for a wedding in this year’s Sundance. It won The Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award. So it’s always fun to see many different views on wedding gatherings, “Margot at the Wedding”, “Rachel Getting Married” and “The Romantics” so let's wait for "Another Happy Day".

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