Monday, December 31, 2012


How could I not mention Adele one last time before the New Year starts?
There’s no way I am not keeping my eye on her.
It’s been a great year, I’ve seen her film Déchaineés, I’ve seen Aprés le Sud, I’ve seen short films she participated in, interviews for her old and new films. The better part is, she keeps working a lot and the projects keep coming.

I watched Adele in a big screen!

Adele was a Shooting Star!

She was in Cannes!
She had Alyah, which I’m looking forward to see.

She had a participation in Trois Mondes.

You can click here to take a look at this participation she did, a short video...called Une Heure Avec Alice.

She is or was filming a french project called ‘Suzanne’ I gathered, directed by Katell Quillevere. I don’t know much about it. 

She also did theater work this year, I came to know!

I wonder what film I’ll be seeing her next, in a big screen…

Have a great year!

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