Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick word on Woody Allen's Rome

 To Rome With Love

So Woody Allen comes to Rome and tries to combine a number of key characteristics from this place with his very own ones, becoming Woody Allen's Rome. The story becomes a fragmented piece and most of them, I have to say, are hollow, especially with the Americans. It is a lot of fun, but the fact is that most characters should might as well be disposable, they had no value, they weren’t doing anything in the screen and it was a mess.
I think the biggest failure of this film, first and foremost, is the cast, in particular the whole Einsenberg, Gerwig, Page fiasco. The Italian natives were fine, mostly, but as a whole I just think it didn’t work. 

Woody Allen is fun, if you like Woody Allen you will like him here and he is very well supported by the marvelous, and awesome, Judy Davis. Now Ellen Page as the hottest and attractive friend? Was that a joke? 
There are other very disposable films by WA, but this one as to be on the top ten list. Maybe I didn’t totally got the whole Rome references, all I know is that it felt really awful.

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